Published: 17th December 2009
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MLM woman Susan Sly has a lot to be proud of. She went from broke to millionaire in Network Marketing in just three and a half years. You may be surprised how she did it when you learn her MLM success story.

Yes, Susan became a master at MLM recruiting. Yes, she's persuasive. Yes, she's a certified nutritionist in a health and wellness MLM company. Yes, she's young and beautiful and looks like a movie star. Are these the "reasons" for her network marketing success?

Absolutely not!

So, what's the secret to her fast unstoppable rise to the top?

Okay, okay. I won't hold out on you. There are actually four top secrets to Susan's stellar MLM success. Here they are.

Number one - her huge setbacks. That's right. Her heartbreaking failures and hardships prepared her for her meteoric rise in network marketing. Her life challenges were tests that forged her winner's attitude. She developed the point of view that "enough is enough" and that "failure is not an option."

Number two - her champion mindset. Susan Sly takes personal development very seriously. I think it is a value that she would die for. It's one thing to say that failure is not an option. But, how do you make it true?

Susan worked on herself consistently until she lived into the belief that happiness is not conditional and that outer circumstances have nothing to do with how we feel or what we can achieve.

Number three - her unshakeable integrity. It's ironic that naysayers look at network marketing and see something shady. People who achieve the highest level of MLM success are trustworthy, honest, and transparent. Integrity is one of their prime values. Study the careers of Randy Gage, Eric Worre, and Susan Sly to learn what I mean.

Number 4 - her contribution. Susan passionately plays the Contribution Game. She also plays it big. What does that mean? Simply put, Susan Sly lives in an attitude of gratitude 24/7. She's not just grateful for her blessings. She is genuinely grateful for the obstacles she faces every day.

My last statement may not make sense to some of you. I'll be so bold as to say that if you are not grateful for your obstacles, great network marketing success will elude you. Don't believe me. Experience will tell you if this is true.

Some of you may be asking, "What were Susan Sly's setbacks and failures? What obstacles has she conquered? I'll let her tell you. Go to the candid Susan Sly Interview on You Tube. You'll gain a lot from what you see and hear.

Now here's a secret, a special nugget for you. Pay attention to your mind chatter as you watch Susan's interview. If the voice in your head says things like, "She's gorgeous. She's perfect. That's why she's successful," you've identified your enemy. You've discovered one of the culprits that stop you from writing your own great MLM success story.

What qualifies me to write with such certainty about MLM woman Susan Sly? I have the privilege to know her personally. I've witnessed how she walks her talk. I've experienced her enormous generosity. I've met the people she's helped transform.

What will you do with the things you've learned in this article? Will you be momentarily entertained and inspired? Will you let the noise in your mind drown out the truth that can set you free? Will you hang back in safety rather than embrace the change that can transform your financial and personal life forever?

Or, will you rise to the challenge I'm about to give you? Will you watch the Susan Sly Interview ( numerous times with an open and quiet mind? Finally, will you take massive action and step into the MLM woman or man you burn to become? Will you summon the courage to live your dream of mind-blowing MLM success?

Another secret to Susan Sly' network marketing success is her insatiable desire to learn. She is a leader who has the humility to always remain a student. She seeks out great mentors. You will too if you are serious about exploding your MLM business.

One leader that comes to mind is a man who has learned a lot from Susan Sly. And, he has taken massive action to write his own impressive MLM success story. His name is Drew Berman. He plays the contribution game by showing serious network marketers how to create six and seven figure legacy fortunes. Are you serious? Yes? Prove it here: I'm Ready for Great Success.
MLM succes storyI'm Ready for Great Success

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